Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy in musculoskeletal and orthopaedics conditions is a new and exciting treatment that can help people with chronic conditions like degenerative arthritis and various injuries of the joint, tendon and ligaments to alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life. This procedure involves using stem cells, which can be harvested from your own fat or bone marrow.

What can stem cell therapy treat?

The use of stem cells has been found to treat many different kinds of illnesses because it works by repairing the damage done inside your body’s organs, which causes those ailments in the first place. 

The list of ailments that stem cell therapy can treat is virtually endless. From skin (like psoriasis) to musculoskeletal (like osteoarthritis) and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple sclerosis, there are many treatments available for a multitude of ailments with promising results in pre-clinical testing on humans. Our work specializes in musculoskeletal conditions with local treatment targeting the degenerative or injured area.

How much does stem cell therapy cost?

Stem Cell Therapy can help with various ailments, but how much it costs depends on the type and severity of your condition. It varies depending on your location, insurance type and co-pay requirements. Still, it will generally fall between $700 for plasma injections to stimulate the internal stem cells and $16500 for expanded stem cell therapy for two areas. The prices will be cheaper when a booster dose is required.


Face-to-Face – $400

Phone or Video – $300


One joint =$13,500.00

Two joints= $16,500.00

*Repeat injection(s) =additional costs depending on the dose and number of areas to be injected


  • Liposuction (Fat Harvesting) by the plastic surgeon.
  • Lab process for 6-8 weeks: purification to 95%, sterilization and culture expansion using the latest technology and high-quality consumables to produce viable and potent stem cells.
  • On the day of injection, blood is drawn to extract a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) mixed with stem cells to stimulate them; all process is sterile.
  • Implantation of the stem cells under ultrasound guidance using advanced skills.
  • One year storage of your stem cells (cryopreserve) at the lab.
  • Before and aftercare of stem cell implantation.
  • One free follow up to patients after the implantation
  • communicating with physio whenever needed.


One knee =$800

Two Knees = $1300

One hip or shoulder= $1300

Two hips or shoulder= $2300

Adding – Hyaluronic acid viscous product (HA) additional $300 per tube

How expensive is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapies have become very popular in recent years as people seek the latest alternative treatment for their many conditions. More types of medicines continue to be introduced every day, and all over this world, individuals reject traditional regimens with drugs or hospital visits while turning instead to Stem Cell Therapies which can help them live more healthier lives.

Stem cell therapy is a very promising treatment for many different types of conditions. The cost can range from $700 – $16500, but it’s worth the investment in your health. Plasma treatment as cheaper as $700 can stimulate your internal stem cells while higher costs for the extensive expanded stem cells harvested from your fat and processed with the latest technology at the lab for several weeks trying to repair the damaged tissues by injury or injury degenerative process.

What is stem cell therapy used for?

Stem cell therapy in our speciality we used to treat osteoarthritis, knee meniscus and labral tears of the shoulder and hip joints, tendons and ligament tears, in addition to cartilage and bone injuries.

Stem cell therapy around the world has been used to treat a variety of different ailments, including spinal cord injuries and stroke. It’s also being looked at as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease because it can help control disease-causing proteins in patients’ brains called amyloid build-up, leading them to develop this condition over time if left untreated or prematurely treated with drugs that have side effects like nausea/dizziness etc.

Stem cell therapy is the treatment of choice for many different conditions. The use and benefits vary depending on what condition it’s being prescribed, but in some cases, these treatments have been proven effective at helping patients recover from serious injuries or illnesses that cause chronic pain, such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Stimulating—or stressing- the body’s natural ability to heal itself through a process called “proliferation” might reduce inflammation-related discomfort caused by injury; promoting angiogenesis which helps create new blood vessels necessary after an accident/injury, etc. oxygen flow where there were none before.

What does stem cell therapy do?

Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment that can be used to help repair damage done by things like osteoarthritis, various injuries or chronic illness. It’s been shown in clinical trials for injuries such as broken bones, brain injury (from a stroke), burns to a scar on the skin due to personal trauma, including symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis and even metabolic disorders including diabetes mellitus type I & II where stem cells are infused into the patient’s bloodstream through an IV at specific points during treatment, so they bypass traditional routes which allow them access directly into affected areas.

We are specialized in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions, namely osteoarthritis and various injuries to cartilage, bone, meniscus, labrum, muscle, tendon and ligament.

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