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Our clinic offers three different treatment options:

1. Pure expanded stem cell therapy, known as PESC or autologous stem cell therapy, which involves removing a small amount of fat from the patient, extracting stem cells from the fat sample, and using them to grow more stem cells which are then injected into the patient’s joint.
2. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, in which a sample of the patient’s blood are placed in a centrifuge to remove red blood cells and the remaining concentrated platelet-rich plasma is reinjected into the patient’s joint.
3. Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) with Viscous Hyaluronic Acid (HA), an advanced form of PRP in which the platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient is combined with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound which promotes healing and joint health.


I was referred to Dr Hassan Mubark by a sports doctor after I tore the tendons in my shoulder. I was also assessed by a surgeon who presented the option of surgery and the outcome of 12 plus months of pain and recovery but nothing guaranteed. After serious consideration I elected to trust my injury to Dr Mubark and went through white cell and stem cell treatment that he proposed. I am not going to sugar coat it the treatment while being administered was extremely painful but within a week of having the final treatment I started seeing results of movement and pain reduction and can honestly say that within 6 months my right hand damaged shoulder is now stronger and has no pain something I know I would not have achieved via surgery. I thank Dr Mubark and have no issue referring him to any other patient as the delivery of Stem Cells and the outcome has been outstanding.

Mr Rob Neil

I have osteoarthritis on the outside of my left ankle that has worsened over time and become painful more often. The treatment has made a big difference the work on is to rehab/recondition the leg muscles and dynamic movements to get back to normal function as possible. Key outcome to date no pain

Patrick Flavell

My left leg has worsened over time and been painful often. My GP recommend me to see Doctor Hassan Mubarak. I have been visited on 28th September 2022. I got PRP Plasma treatment has made a big difference and get back to normal function as possible and no pain now. Doctor Hassan Mubarak is not only an excellent physician he is so friendly too. Strongly recommended to all. Thanks again indeed.

Sadeque Ali Syed

I have been seen Dr Mubark for a couple years now and he has helped me significantly reduce my arthritic pain. He has an excellent bedside manner and what I appreciate most about him is that he genuinely cares for his patients wellbeing and his aim is to keep us pain-free. Highly recommended

Larissa Naidoo

Three months ago I had the stem cell therapy transfer done by Dr Mubark. He told me he was going to do his best to give me the best chance I could have with the procedure. That he certainly did and within a relatively short time I was noticing changes with my mobility, which had been restricted in my knee due to osteoarthritis. I am now successfully able to get down on the floor to do tasks, walking up and down steps is easier and I am able to go on longer walks at a better pace. I do still get some pain from the osteoarthritis, but he was very clear that this would still be the case as the stem cell therapy is not a cure for this. I am very pleased that I elected to take this option and very thankful to Dr Mubark for his attentive care.

Terrie Smith

One month ago I had Plasma surgery with Dr Hassan MuBark, who is a highly skilled in rheumatology & regenerative medicine. My shoulder was so painful, it reduced my everyday activities to zero, including sleep.
After his surgery, I was immediately pain free & had complete rotation of my shoulder. As I had such success with my shoulder, I decided to go ahead with treatment on my knee.
At 63 years old, I now have my life back,
dancing 3 nights a week, gardening & enjoying my pottery.
I highly recommend Dr MuBark, as he is so positive, he is reassuring & he is so passionate about what he does.
It really turned my life around, his treatment was brilliant for me.

Pip Winchcombe

From my own experience, I would recommend that, if people have the means, they look into stem cell treatment if they have joint pain and stiffness. I have ankle arthritis and three chronically torn ligaments which together caused me pain and made it hard to walk for more than 30 or 40 minutes at a time. After stem cell treatment around 6 months ago with Dr Mubarak, I have found that the pain and stiffness has decreased significantly. I am naturally quite a sceptical person and I wasn’t expecting such success. It took me time to notice that I wasn’t so sore after walking and wasn’t putting ice on my ankle or using ibuprofen gel. I wasn’t taking the stairs one at a time in the mornings while my ankle ‘warmed up’ and I wasn’t hanging my foot out of the bed to avoid the weight of the duvet on the joint. My ankle still has some pain, still looks swollen and I know that arthritis can’t be cured but, in my case the pain symptoms of the arthritis are much improved. Everyone’s situation will be different, and this is only anecdotal, but in my case I’m happy I have had stem cell treatment. Throughout the process Dr Mubarak has been extremely caring, professional and committed to my care.

Jessamine Jackson

I have for about 5 years having had pain in my shoulder caused by worsening arthritis. Then just over a year ago I additionally suffered full thickness tears of 2 tendons in the shoulder during martial arts training. Having had an MRI and been seen by an orthopedic surgeon I was informed that I would need shoulder replacement surgery. However, due to being in my mid-forties it was recommended that I wait for as many years as possible as a shoulder replacement would not last for the years I could expect to live. At this stage I struggled with sleep, waking up about 8-12 times a night due to pain and having to rest my arm on a specially made pillow. I was not able to lift my hand more than about 10cm above my head and a day of doing work around the house would result in a few days of severe shoulder pain.
I had heard about stem cell therapy and faced with the alternatives I decided to contact Dr. Hassan Mubark, have a consultation and ultimately had the stem cell procedure done. it is now 2 months past the procedure and I no longer wake up at night due to pain, I can fully extend my arm above my head and I can use my arm and shoulder in everyday activities without suffering excruciating pain. Only being two months since the procedure the shoulder is still not perfect and there is still pain if I try to lift heavy items over my head, but I can now begin rehabilitation and regain strength in the shoulder without pain, something that was not possible 2 months ago.
Throughout this process I have found Dr. Mubark to be informative, helpful and honest. I don’t feel promises have been made that haven’t been kept. I can only recommend Dr. Mubark and I can only recommend anyone who has health issues to investigate if stem cell therapy could be an alternative.

Kim Jepsen

Three years ago I was diagnosed with artheritis in both knees. I struggled some days taking my dog for a walk and the pain kept me awake some nights. My Dr. gave me pain relief which helped but I thought knee replacement was my only option. I wasn’t happy about that so looked at my options on the internet. There I saw about stem cells. I was astonished to find it was being done here in NZ. I did my research and then talked to my Dr. about it. He said if I could afford to do it then go for it. That was the best decision I ever made. Two procedures, the first was removing stem cells from my fatty tissues. Took about an hour. These were sent to Queenstown to be expanded. Then six weeks later I got the call that they were ready so went to Dr. Mubark’s clinic to have them injected into my knees.. An hour later it was all done. I walked out feeling great. Three years on and I still feel great. I take my dog for a walk early each morning for about an hour. Before this procedure I was using my late husbands walking stick. Now it’s just great. Dr. Mubark is a wonderful and caring Dr. I would not hesitate to very highly recommend him. Stem cells is the way to go. This method is using your own stem cells so no problems. Anyone that has artheritis in the knees then go for stem cells. You won’t regret it. Thank you Hassan Mubark you changed my life….and one happy dog enjoys her morning walks even more.. Jo Marshall.

Jo Marshall

I have been to Dr Hassan Mubark several times in the last many years. My visits were as a colleague, patient, accompanying a family member. He is a very pleasant doctor with up to date with his knowledge and skills. I will recommend to anyone who wants to see a skilled and knowledgeable medical specialist, or rheumatologist. I wish him all the very best.

Jey Jeyabalaratnam

I have been suffering from knee joint pain for years, I visited many doctors & specialists from back home and overseas and their advise is joint replacement surgery or prepare to be wheel chair bound.
I came to NZ in 2019 for a holiday to see my daughter’s family, I enjoyed this beautiful country and wanted to explore options for a treatment to my joints.
I approached different medical professionals and the answer was the same but I came across stem cell treatment and began to find out more about it. I met Dr Hassan Mubarak in April 2019 and he took me thru the process and explained everything including the risks involved, he gave me the opportunity to consider the options then choose.
Dr Hassan has a calm approach, his confidence and knowledge helped me make the right choice. I decided to go ahead with his amazing stem cell therapy on both of my knees. The results are amazing, I am more mobile and can move with great agility.

Amir Raad

I was pleased with the professional treatment I received from Dr Mubarak. He made clear that he wouldn’t be able to cure my shoulder problem with the two steroid injections he administered, but I have since been able to resume playing badminton with a lot less discomfort

Tricia Gibb

As a result of Dr Mubark’s stem cell treatment I can again walk to the coffee shop and I can again play table tennis and I can again walk on the beach. A huge transformatiom. Not perfect but a 100% better option than fusing both my ankles. Thank you Dr Mubark you have given me my life back for which I will be forever grateful.

Doug Pattinson

I had my hip and both knees done with Dr Hassan’s newest 3D technology and I believe I am the first woman to do so. I have not needed pain killers for everyday activities or to sleep ever since doing the procedure even tho MRI shows I had severe osteo arthritis and is bone on bone. I am able to consistently walk long distances and hope to be able to jog sometime soon. It’s now been 8 months post surgery and I look forward to further improvements as I am told the cells continue to do its work many more months ahead. I would recommend people give this a go before replacement surgeries as I have found it all so helpful. Besides Dr Hassan Mubark is a great physician and most caring in every way.

JYA Real Estate Ltd

Dear Dr Mubark, Thank you so much for your profession help with my joint problems. You have significantly reduced my pain, especially my night pain. I not longer need any pain medicine and I can now walk on the beach. Im looking forward to further improvements from your treatments. regards Frances

Dr Frances Pitsilis

I had Achilles heel tendon issue for years from multiple ruptures which left me with muscle wastage on my calf muscle. The stem cell therapy by Dr Hussan Muback has transformed my life. I can now do a heel lift and my left calf muscle has developed. I can also run which is a small miracle as was advised I would never run again.

Sonia Dolan

Great consultation from a very knowledgable and caring specialist. Highly recommended.

Basil Taha

Amazing new advancements in medicine.

Justine Coupland