What to Expect

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Overview of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

  • Step 1: Consult with Dr Mubark to determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy.
  • Step 2: abdominal (tummy) Fat Harvesting process by the plastic surgeon under local anaesthesia at Ormiston Specialist Centre (125 Ormiston Rd/Flat Bush/Auckland).
  • Step 3: Culture/Expansion of your stem cells to many millions at our specialized lab in Auckland, an average time of 6-8 weeks.
  • Step 4: Implantation of the expanded stem cells in combination with your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) under ultrasound guidance by Dr Mubark.

Preparing For The FAT Harvest 

  • Do free-of-charge routine blood test at any lab for hepatitis and HIV (form will be provided by Dr Mubark), no need to wait for the result as this is only routine requirement.
  • Medication –discuss with the plastic surgeon if they need you to stop any medicine; usually blood thinners, to avoid bleeding with the fat harvest.


  • We take blood from you then centrifuge it to extract the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and then we mix it with the stem cells to implant them together for a better outcome.
  • The injections can be painful during the procedure and for up to 5 days due to the inflammatory healing process.
  • Please stop anti-inflammatory medicine like Celebrex, Brufen, Voltaren & others as they reduce the effect of the stem cell therapy.
  • Take regular paracetamol (panadol) for 3 days regularly 2 tablets up to 4 times daily (maximum 8 tablets a day) then as needed, and we can prescribe you more potent pain killers like codeine or tramadol as needed.
  • Start GO Turmeric capsule over the counter 1 week before and 1 week after the injections.
  • If you want to have oral sedation, ask Dr Mubark to provide a script from our local Ormiston pharmacy (ground floor- 125 Ormiston Rd/Flat Bush/Auckland) to take 45 minutes before the procedure – you can’t drive when sedated, so bring somebody with you to drive you home.
  • Please avoid alcohol 1 day before and 5 days after the procedure, if difficult to stop then drink minimum amount.
  • Good water hydration before and after the stem cell injections.



  • If you have your knees injected, we favor to see your local physiotherapist to do rehab, simply simulating post keyhole orthopaedic surgery rehab for recovery.
  • We advise rest and bed side stretches for 2 weeks after the injections for recovery then then start physio (anywhere handy you choose). 

knees: no need for crutches; only braces, preferably used for 6-12 weeks; we believe a good brace with hinges (pharmacy, sports shop or online) is more effective; good example; McDavid 429 Hinged Knee Brace or similar, Please see the video of the suitable measures & fitting https://www.sportco.co.nz/product-group/2051-mcdavid-429-psii-hinged-knee-brace/category/125-mcdavid-sports-medical-braces-suppor

Hips: 2 weeks of walking crutches (you can buy from the chemist) & compression pants for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

Ankles/Feet: 2 weeks of walking crutches & a simple brace  over the counter or moon boot.

Shoulders: no need for a brace. Simple arm sling might be used for a few days to reduce the injections pain

Hands: need some exercises, please follow the link (copy/paste it): https://www.webmd.com/osteoarthritis/ss/slideshow-hand-finger-exercises.

Braces are used when you are on your feet, walking, or doing exercises, but not when sleeping/resting/sitting/showering.

First 2 Weeks after the injections

  • Rest, affected area elevation, joint support, turmeric capsules, & analgesic tablets.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medicine like Celebrex, Brufen, Voltaren, and Naprosyn, as we need the inflammatory healing response of regenerative therapy.
  • Take it as easy as possible with normal daily activities. No physiotherapy is required but simple bed side stretches and do range of joint movement exercises.
  • Walking is okay with braces (knee) or crutches (hip & ankle), depending on which area you have had injected.
  • Normal daily activities and returning to work (if not hard physical work) are all okay but follow the same rules.
  • Avoid, if possible, going upstairs and hills.
  • Avoid heat or cold on the injected site for one week after the injection as this can damage the cells; avoid saunas and swimming in hot water.
  • Exercycle is okay but no resistance- this is good for the range of movement and reduce stiffness.
  • Avoid running and jumping for three months after injections of hip/knee/ankle/feet/toes.

After 2 Weeks

  • Please do physiotherapy with your local physio (if you don’t have one then see our contact us page for a physio, please you make the booking with them) and gradual increase of non-impact activities. Ask your physio for rehab, simply simulating post keyhole orthopaedic surgery rehab for recovery.
  • Swimming okay.
  • Walking activity is okay with the brace. No crutches are needed.
  • Cycling/exercycle is okay, gradually increase the resistance.
  • Cross-trainer is okay.
  • Try graduated strengthening exercises.
  • Avoid running and jumping for 3 months after hip/knee/ankle/feet/toes injections.

After 3 Months

  • All normal activities can be resumed, including running.