Fat-derived Stem Cells are incredible cells with the power to divide, renew and differentiate into specialized cells like tendons, cartilage and bones

The surgeon aspirates around 50-80 gram of fat from abdominal fat around the umbilicus -called mini-liposuction (harvesting) then the sample goes to the lab for sterilization & expansion to the cells number required then the cells get implanted combined with plasma (PRP) into the affected area

No need for a referral, simply fill the application form online and send your latest x-ray or MRI report to Dr Mubark prior to the initial consultation.

Around 80 % success rate and higher for the knees, we measure it by controlling symptoms, improving quality of life, slowing or stopping the progression of the disease

We can’t guarantee the outcome of our procedures as it depends on the way in which your body responds. In general, we experience an 80% success rate with knees.

The is no evidence in the literature to suggest cancer development with autologous stem cells or rejection as they are the person’s own cells

Any injections can cause infection but it is a rare complication as we use a highly sterile technique

Expanded stem cells has larger number of purified cells with the use of latest technology in our protocol which can take up to 8-12 weeks of extensive lab work to reach the desired high number of cells

We avoid stem cell therapy in active cancer patients and pregnant mothers. Otherwise, this type of therapy is suitable for anyone suffering joint pain.

Yes, you just need to tell us what suits you to inform the lab about delaying processing your stem cells

We recommend storing the cells for less than 10 years to ensure they remain highly viable & active 

$500 (GST inclusive) per year. We collect the fees and pass them to the Lab

First therapy costs for this procedure include all expenses for the surgeon and specialist fees, extensive lab work for a few weeks, and using the latest technology and equipment. If needing a booster dose (only if needed) for the same area or other parts of your body, then the lab has to regrow the cells for 6-10 weeks again to get fresh and powerful cells; thus, there will be additional charges (depending on the number of areas to be done); additionally, we have to perform the procedures under ultrasound guidance using time and our skills to achieve the maximum results

Braces and physio fees are not included in the prices and paid directly to the provider

Dr Mubark will discuss the procedure in detail with you at your initial consultation and request that you sign the informed consent document to acknowledge your understanding before any procedure is conducted.

Stem cell therapy is an exciting, newly developing area of treatment for a range of diseases and injuries. In any cutting-edge area of medicine, there is vigorous debate about the procedures as a body of evidence is built to establish the benefits. Research underway around the world to date shows positive outcomes and no downsides to the use of stem cell therapy in treating joint pain.

At this stage, insurance companies and ACC are not routinely covering Stem cell therapy, but you can contact them to discuss.

Average: 2 weeks for the knees and 4 weeks for shoulders and hips