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Purified expanded adipose (fat)-derived stem cells

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) alone



Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, “wear-and-tear” that occurs most often with ageing, but may occur in younger people especially when there is past history of trauma.

In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually wears away and become rough and the protective space between the bones reduces gradually, this can result in bone rubbing on bone, and produce pain, stiffness and reduce range of motion.

Hip osteoarthritis (OA)

Hip OA is a disease which wears away the cartilage between the femoral head (ball) and the acetabulum (socket), the cartilage becomes eroded and pitted with rough surface then the joint space becomes narrow, when this progresses it becomes bone -on-bone. The result is pain, stiffness and instability. In some cases, motion of the leg may be greatly restricted.

Shoulder pain and main causes

Shoulder pain, stiffness and restriction of movement is commonly caused by either osteoarthritis or problem with the tendons like inflammation or tear, the diagnosis can be determined either by combination of x-ray and ultrasound or only MRI scan of the shoulder

Hand arthritis?

The symptoms of hand arthritis differ from person to person. A lot depends on the specific joints affected or the common activities that the person does. commonly pains and aches when they use their hands, joint stiffness, which may be more pronounced in the morning, difficulty moving their fingers with a weak grip. Swelling and tenderness in the knuckles or around the wrist due to both bone enlargements and associated inflammation.


Rheumatologist & Stem cell therapy Specialist

Dr. Mubark is an experienced Arthritis specialist (Rheumatologist) with more than 30 years in medical practice. He is specializing in Rheumatology since 2007, he gained special interest in musculoskeletal and sports medicine particularly in regenerative medicine for over 10 years starting with plasma (PRP) then to expanded stem cells therapy.

His main interest is interventional procedures that lead to change of life outcome. This is achieved by deep knowledge, experience, skills, interest and passion about his job. This had led to a number of successes in this field from treating the most challenging cases involving world champions to the most recent publication of world first case of curing ruptured torn with evidence based (MRI) cure of the tendon without surgery , this was published in the Biologic Orthopedics Journal on 2nd of September 2020. In June 2021 he published a case report in American journal called Kosmos Publisher “Successful Treatment with Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy for Muscle Wasting Post-Surgical Repair of Achilles Tendon”

Born in Iraq and medically trained at Baghdad University, then started his extensive hospital trainings in various specialties of general medicine and surgery, orthopedics and various other branches of medicine. He came to New Zealand in 1995 to face the new era of huge challenges to become a dual trained internist combined with subspecialty of rheumatology.

“New Zealand has become my homeland, it is a peaceful country with open-minded people and most importantly it is filled with diversity. I have full faith to New Zealand and its lovely people.

Dr. Mubark is working very hard to bring the latest advances with two main aims, to help arthritis and injuries sufferers and to let New Zealand lead the world with good science.


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Stem cell treatment ‘changed my life’


I suffered from painful osteo arthritis and cartilage loss in my right hip. Since the treatment, a recent Xray confirms that I have re-grown cartilage in the hip! This is incredible and I am so thankful as this has helped me avoid hip replacement surgery. You are dedicated to excellence and patient care is your no 1 priority. I am so grateful to you Dr Mubark and the team at Regen Cellular. World class

Injured my neck and dr. Hassan Mubarak treatment was excellent.

Diagnosed me with spondylosis and gave no recourse or treatment options. Thankfully got a proper diagnosis from a musculoskeletal specialist and a treatment plan

Dr Hassan,diagnosed my fibromyalgia.I can,t thank him enough for his help and excellent service.he is easy going,and I feel I can talk with him about anything.thumbs up.

impressed with his quick contact and helpfulness – looking forward to progressing further with treatment George Reid

Great doctor professional in diagnosis and treatment.

A very caring and helpful doctor. Would more than highly recommend him

Hurt my wrist and Dr. Hassan Mubark’s diagnose was very good and treat ment was tremendous. Went home happily.

Very helpful and knowledgeable, helped my back and sciatica , saved from operation

Helped my shoulder to recover which was painful for 2 years, easy going and nice doctor

Great doctor with great knowledge and ability. Knows so much and never gives up to find a remedy and cure to serious health problems. Well done doc.

Thank you so much for the stem cell treatment for my knees last Wednesday. A brilliànt doctor and very caring. Thank you soo very much .

I have been seen Dr Mubark for the last 8 years. Great doctor

Got knee treatment recently. Extremely satisfied with the results.

Dr Hassan is a great person and an excellent doctor. Thank you for your professionalism, deep knowledge, care and excellent results. The pain and numbness in my leg gone. You really make a difference in people’s life. Highly recommend