Auckland Regenerative Clinic

Welcome to the Auckland Regenerative Clinic

We are a private clinic providing cutting-edge of regenerative medicine including stem cell therapy, PRP (plasma) and viscous hyaluronic injections to patients suffering ongoing joint pain.


Rheumatologist & Stem cell therapy Specialist

Dr Mubark and his team have over 30 years’ experience in the field of medicine and over 13 years in Rheumatology (arthritis) and have developed a set of treatments that offer patients the chance to live free of pain without invasive surgery.


I suffered from painful osteo arthritis and cartilage loss in my right hip. Since the treatment, a recent Xray confirms that I have re-grown cartilage in the hip! This is incredible and I am so thankful as this has helped me avoid hip replacement surgery. You are dedicated to excellence and patient care is your no 1 priority. I am so grateful to you Dr Mubark and the team at Regen Cellular. World class

Injured my neck and dr. Hassan Mubarak treatment was excellent.

Diagnosed me with spondylosis and gave no recourse or treatment options. Thankfully got a proper diagnosis from a musculoskeletal specialist and a treatment plan

Dr Hassan,diagnosed my fibromyalgia.I can,t thank him enough for his help and excellent service.he is easy going,and I feel I can talk with him about anything.thumbs up.

impressed with his quick contact and helpfulness – looking forward to progressing further with treatment George Reid

Great doctor professional in diagnosis and treatment.

A very caring and helpful doctor. Would more than highly recommend him

Hurt my wrist and Dr. Hassan Mubark’s diagnose was very good and treat ment was tremendous. Went home happily.

Very helpful and knowledgeable, helped my back and sciatica , saved from operation

Helped my shoulder to recover which was painful for 2 years, easy going and nice doctor

Great doctor with great knowledge and ability. Knows so much and never gives up to find a remedy and cure to serious health problems. Well done doc.

Thank you so much for the stem cell treatment for my knees last Wednesday. A brilliànt doctor and very caring. Thank you soo very much .

I have been seen Dr Mubark for the last 8 years. Great doctor

Got knee treatment recently. Extremely satisfied with the results.

Dr Hassan is a great person and an excellent doctor. Thank you for your professionalism, deep knowledge, care and excellent results. The pain and numbness in my leg gone. You really make a difference in people’s life. Highly recommend