All prices are (GST inclusive)


Face-to-Face – $400

Phone or Video -$300


 All procedures- under ultrasound guidance 

One joint or area =$14.000.00 (Inc)

Two joints or areas = $17,000.00 (Inc)

More than 2 areas = depend on the number of cells and  injections

Yearly cell storage (if the client is willing to store them) =$400.00 (Iinc)


*Repeat injection(s) =additional costs depending on the number of stem cells and how many areas are to be injected-the high cost of this therapy to the expensive consumables used and extensive lab process

Prices include

1- Liposuction (Fat Harvesting) by the plastic surgeon.

2- Lab process for 8-12 weeks: purification to 95%, sterilization and culture expansion using the latest technology and high-quality costly consumables to produce viable and potent stem cells.

3- On the day of injection, blood is drawn to extract a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) mixed with stem cells to stimulate them; all process is sterile.

4- Implantation of the stem cells under ultrasound guidance using advanced skills.

5- One-year storage of your stem cells (cryopreserve) at the lab.

6- Before and aftercare of stem cell implantation.

7- One free follow-up to patients after the implantation.

8- Communicating with physio whenever needed.

plasma (Prp) 

All procedures- under ultrasound guidance

One knee =$800

Two Knees =  $1300

One hip or shoulder= $1300

Two hips or shoulder= $2300

Adding – Hyaluronic acid (injectable Gel)  =additional $300

 We also do Durolane (Gel) injections=prices depend on what joint (s) we inject


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