Patients Info

From the start to the end

Consult (joint disease specialist)→ we arrange for you to have the fat harvest (surgeon) →Lab in Auckland to sterilize & culture the cells for up to 6-8 weeks (depending on how fast your own stem cells grow)→ when your cells are ready (the Lab will inform the specialist) then the receptionist will call you to perform the stem cells injection (implantation by the specialist), this process is usually combined with taking your blood for platelets-rich plasma “PRP” at the time of implanting (injecting) the stem cells


After consult and before the harvest:

• Get your blood tests for hepatitis and HIV done at least 2 weeks before your harvest – we cannot carry out the procedure without it.
• Medication – continue your regular medicine but blood thinner like Aspirin, Warfarin, Pradaxa etc discuss with the surgical team as likely need to stop them 1 week before the stem cell harvest
• Stop non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (Brufen/Voltaren/Arcoxia/Celebrex/Naproxen) 1 week before
Book in with Yousif, our Head Physiotherapist to be measured and fitted for your brace (if required). Bodyzone Howick , phone: 09 535 0006 , email: ,  website:


Injection Time: 

1- Take GO Turmeric 30,000+ 1-A-Day Capsules over the counter 1 week before and 2 weeks after the injection to reduce inflammation

2-Please take panadol (paracetamol) 2 tablets before the procedures and continue 2 tablets 3 time daily for 3 days even if you don’t have any pain

3-Avoid all anti-inflammatory medicine 1-2 weeks before and 4 weeks after the injection

4- Please ask me on the day of the injections if you need a script for strong pain killers like tramadol or codeine for few days

5-Continue with any prescribed blood thinners such as Aspirin/Warfarin etc. but do let me know at the time of the procedure to be careful with bleeding

6-Continue all other prescribed medicines

7-Avoid alcohol around the injection time as can reduce stem cells function. If difficult, one glass every few days is okay

8-Avoid running and jumping for 3 months after hip/knee/ankle/feet/toes injections

9- Oral sedation: if you need oral sedation then please let me know by email, I write and email a script for oral sedation and you collect it from Ormiston pharmacy (where we do the therapy) on the day of the procedure and take it 45 minutes before the injections- no additional costs to us but pay for the script at the pharmacy, legally you can’t drive when sedated so you need someone to drive you home


After injection rehab/braces

BRACES: If you are having your knee(s) injected you must arrange to see Yousif Mansour, our head physiotherapist on the same day as your stem cell harvest in Auckland. He will see you that day for an initial consult and brace fitting where you will be measured and fitted with a brace. Yousif will contact you directly to arrange a suitable appointment time or you can contact him on 09 535 0006 or Rehab; It is also important that you have a minimum of three physio sessions with either Yousif or one of our physio partners which you should start two weeks after your stem cell injection


First 2 weeks:

 –Take it as easy as possible. No physiotherapy but simple stretching and joint movement

-Walking ok with the braces or crutches depending on which area injected

-Normal daily activities and returning to work (not if labor intensive job) all okay but whilst always using the braces for all lower limbs  (hips, knee, ankle injections)

-AVOID if possible, going upstairs and hills

-Avoid heat or cold on the injected site as can damage the cells, avoid sauna and swimming in hot water

• KNEES; brace worn for up to 3 months – order from Yousif
• HIPS; crutches for 2 weeks (very important) – buy or rent from any pharmacy. Compression pants worn for 2-4 weeks – from Rebel    Sports or hip brace order from physio
• ANKLES; brace worn for 1 month. Crutches for 2 weeks – buy from pharmacy
• ELBOWS/WRISTS; brace worn for 1 month – buy from pharmacy
• SHOULDERS/HANDS; No need for brace support. Arm sling or brace for the shoulder might help pain post injection


 After 2 weeks:

 –Physiotherapy and gradual increase of non-impact activities

• Swimming okay

• Walking okay with brace

• Cycling/exercycle okay gradually increase the resistance

• Cross-trainer okay • graduated strengthening exercises


 After 3 months:

 –Normal activities can be resumed